Wired or Wireless Alarms


Wired alarms and devices are generally cheaper than wireless alarms however, there can be additional wiring costs although most new builds are pre-wired. Wired system devices do not require batteries so there is a savings there and the main panel battery has an approx. 5 year life span as has the battery for the external siren.

In the event of damage to any of the cabling, a tamper alert will show on the control panel (keypad).

Cuala Security Ltd. offers an annual Service & Maintenance Contract to ensure your alarm is operating as it should.

Wired systems must conform to industry standard IS EN 50131.


Wireless alarms (PIRs, contacts, etc.) are generally more expensive to buy than wired alarms. One of the main benefits, however, is that they are much easier to install which reduces the installation time and overall cost. They are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, with no visible wires but operationally work as a wired alarm. Wireless is also easily extendable should you require additional devices e.g. shed, seomra, garage

Batteries for the wireless devices (PIRs, contacts, etc.) typically have a 2 year life span, with the main panel battery having an approx. 5 year life span. If a battery runs low, response times can decrease however, your control panel should alert you to this before there is an issue. Cuala Security Ltd. also offers an annual Service & Maintenance Contract which can also include replacement batteries.

Wireless systems must conform to industry standard IS EN 50131 which includes anti-jamming detection and anti-masking technology which ensures devices cannot be intentionally obstructed.

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