Monitoring & Key Holding Services

Cuala Security Ltd. can provide 24*7 surveillance and monitoring services for homes or commercial properties, ensuring full coverage when you are not around.

Intruder and Fire Alarm Security Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring

Key holding services

Intruder and Fire Alarm monitoring services offer peace of mind knowing that someone is monitoring intruder and fire alarms. Monitoring companies use special telephone lines, alarm receivers, software and trained staff to monitor systems and make the appropriate call to a specified list of key holders should an alarm signal be received. The use of alarm monitoring in many instances can reduce insurance premiums paid.

As with the above, CCTV monitoring services are also available through the use of smart remote cameras.

With Key Holding, simply set your intruder alarm and go home and in the event of an incident occurring out of your normal working hours a mobile fleet is dispatched to the premises to deal with the situation on your behalf. The mobile fleet ascertains, where possible, the cause of the alarm. The majority of intruder alarm call outs in Ireland are false alarms, caused by a number of things – most commonly open windows or faults on alarm systems. If it is felt that the premises is generating an unusually high number of false alarms Cuala Security Ltd. will attend the site during working hours to solve the problem.

For more information on alarm monitoring, CCTV monitoring and key holding, please contact Cuala Security Ltd.

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