CCTV monitoring. CCTV Camera systems have come a long way over the years & Cuala Security has been there all the way. Today we specialize in High Definition IP systems for Domestic,Commercial & Industrial markets.

Modern high speed networks & advances in storage now give high quality 1080P & 4K video at affordable prices. From basic 4 camera domestic systems to commercial & industrial multiplexed systems Cuala Security can supply the application to fut your needs & budget.

All our systems come with free smart phone apps for Android & IPhone allowing you view your cameras from anywhere. Have you more than one site location? Our modern software allows you to view multiple locations on the one app at the same time.

Our CCTV Systems can also be integrated with out modern IP enabled alarm systems also. Open your alarm app & view your alarm zones & camera video at the same time without switching apps.

CCTV Monitoring

CCTV monitoring is one of the best security features now freely available with the ever increasing broadband speeds in Ireland. Cuala Security in association with most monitoring control rooms can fully design, install & supply staff training for this complete security solution. Existing CCTV system can also be upgraded to implement this facility.

The benefits of CCTV monitoring
Cost effective. A fraction of the cost of static security without putting anyone at personal risk.
Safer/less risk to staff. In the event of intrusion, staff on the premises can become a liability. Central control staff can verbally warn off intruders without risk of attack. Back up of all incidents made in control room. Recorded evidence cannot be destroyed by intruders.
Conforms to Garda requirements. All alarms are visually confirmed for garda response. Key holders are not being sent into dangerous situations. In a panic alarm situation visual images can be of great assistance to Garda personnel in accessing a situation before entering the premises.

Application examples

1) It is 3-42 am 3 intruders are attempting to gain access to a building site in Balgriffen over the perimiter fence .Before they can gain access the infrared detectors protecting the perimiter have already activated & a controller in the central station is already viewing pre alarm images of the intruders arriving. From here the controller has the same control of the CCTV system as if he was on site.

He controls the fully function camera to zoom in & get clear images of the intruders. He presses a switch on his microphone & speaks to them. This is Cuala Security Alarm Control your actions are been monitored & recorded & Gardai have been notified and are on their way.

It is now 3-45am Before even gaining access or doing any damage the intruders have fled & their images stored & passed onto Gardai. Had there been a security guard on site here the result could have been very different.

2) You own a premises with electronic access control in the City Centre. Due to delivery time restrictions you either have to be in work at 7am or pay someone else to be there to accept deleveries. Not any more. It is 7am you are now thinking about getting up for work. Your delivery arrives & rings an intercom as normal. Only now the intercom rings in our central station & the images from your cameras comfirm the delivery. The controller speaks to the delivery man & opens the gates to your premises. When the delivery is complete the controller securly locks the dates behind them. On top of this you premises are still being monitored 24 hours a day.

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