Security Alarm Systems

Feel safe and protected both at home and at work!

Some commercial organisations have budgets for expensive security alarm systems, however, Cuala Security Ltd. believes in providing options for residential and commercial burglar alarm systems to suit almost any budget. Cuala Security Ltd. believes everyone deserves complete peace of mind and protection which is what the alarm solutions offered ensures you can now avail of this without breaking the budget.

Alarm Systems to Protect People and Their Assets

Cuala Security Ltd. offers a wide variety of custom alarm systems for home-owners and business-owners alike, offering a comprehensive range of alarm systems from the best brands in the industry including GSD, HKC, Interlogix, Vanderbilt, etc.

Custom Security Alarm Systems to Suit Your Needs

Cuala Security Ltd. is able to custom design each intruder alarm solution to suit whatever level of protection is required for the property. There are residential and commercial alarm systems to suit every lifestyle and budget. The products are also easy to use, intuitive and convenient.

To learn more about anything from upgrading your existing security alarm system to installing a new alarm solution, consult with Cuala Security Ltd.

Upgrading your Astec Alarm

Is your alarm out of date or no longer supported / manufactured e.g. Astec. Cuala Security Ltd. is recommended as the Number 1 installer for the upgrade of your old Astec alarm.

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